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Committee Overviews

Expand & Diversify the Regional Economy

1.Marketing Journey Committee: Tell the Story

a. Create a regional brand and communications platform
b. Formalize an external marketing and hosting schedule

2. Economic Journey Committee: Pursue Targeted Employment Growth

a. Create Leadership teams to oversee southeastern Minnesota's targeted business sectors
b. Leverage business retention and expansion visits to identify and capture insourced spending opportunities
c. Expand local purchasing opportunities from the region’s largest employers
d. Study the potential to create a master development plan for Rochester Innovation District
e. Pursue new research partnerships between the region’s most innovative employers and research institutions
f. Create and sustain a regional food hub development program
g. Connect visitors to regional tourist attractions and amenities

3.Entrepreneurship Journey Committee: Develop an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

a. Formalize a ‘best practice’ start up acceleration program at the Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator
b. Host an annual National Start Up Conference in the southeastern Minnesota
c. Foster entrepreneurial networking and mentorship opportunities
d. Identify, enhance, and promote capital-formation resources
e. Seed a local entrepreneurial pipeline

4.Governing Journey Committee: Improve the Business Climate

a. Formalize a high-profile list of annual state and federal legislative priorities for southeastern Minnesota
b. Implement recommendations to improve the City of Rochester permitting system
c. Confirm the regional basis for support of statewide effort to reverse recent changes to Minnesota state tax law

Optimize the Regional Talent Base

5.Early Childhood Journey Committee : Coordinate Enhancements of School Readiness and Early Childhood Programming

a. Enhance the coordination of partners, programs, and performance metrics to improve early childhood outcomes
b. Support the expansion and development of school readiness and early childhood programs

6.Workforce Journey Committee: Enhance and Align Career Focused Education

a. Conduct a regional workforce gap analysis based on our region's target business sectors
b. Continue to expand business-community engagement with the education and training system
c. Provide career and technical education options to all eligible regional students
d. Enhance GRAUC’s capacity to inform and promote higher educational program development
e. Effectively integrate adult education, retraining, and upskilling programs into workforce-pipeline discussions and development

7.Talent Journey Committee : Engage, Retain, and Attract Top Talent

a. Develop a comprehensive graduate-retention program
b. Form a coalition to formulate a regional talent-attraction campaign
c. Re-energize and redesign the Rochester area Young Professionals' Group
d. Develop a ‘trailing spouse’ employment program

8.Diversity & Inclusion Journey Committee : Become a More Inclusive Region

a. Increase awareness and utilization of existing diversity resources
b. Formalize dialogue and outreach to foster greater community inclusion
c. Assess the need to create community centers with on-site services that meet the needs of specific ethnic and cultural constituencies

Become a Cohesive, Connected Region

9.Regional Journey Committee: Foster dialogue to forge a shared regional identity and explore benefits and alternatives for comprehensive regional planning & development

a. Host a series of facilitated discussion forums to develop a Regional Compact for southeastern Minnesota
b. Explore options for increasing the role of southeastern Minnesota League of Municipalities
c. Program and host an annual southeastern Minnesota Regional Summit
d. Design a component of the external marketing campaign (from the Marketing Journey Committee) to focus on the internal regional audience
e. Leverage the Regional Compact as a starting point for discussions on comprehensive planning and development in Southeastern Minnesota
f. Advance high-value strategies for regional collaboration based on the final report of the Working Group

10.Transportation & Communications Journey Committee: Pursue Priority Transportation & Communication Enhancements

a. Maximize the capacity of Rochester International Airport (RIA/RST) to serve as a gateway to the region
b. Pursue regional transit service for high-volume weekday commuting periods
c. Develop a plan to provide broadband connectivity to all southeastern Minnesota businesses and residents
d. Support the Highway-14 Partnership’s efforts to four-lane the highway from Rochester to New Ulm