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Computer System Design and Production

The Computer Systems Design and Production target encompasses the research and design aspects of computer systems development, as well as the manufacture of physical components. The wholesale and supply chain elements of the production process are also included.

Southeastern Minnesota is a top patent producing region in this business sector, with IBM’s Rochester facility strongly contributing to this capacity.

Target sector development will consist of a focus on retaining production employment while leveraging research and design capacities for local growth, partnerships with other area businesses, and attraction of complementary firms. Leveraging idled production workers to supply current or prospective manufacturers – or start their own businesses – will also be a potentially impactful activity.

Computer System Design & Production

Benchmark Electronics, Rochester and Winona, Minnesota

Centerfield Technology, Rochester, Minnesota

DoApp, Inc., Rochester, Minnesota

Hitachi GST, Rochester, Minnesota

IBM, Rochester, Minnesota

Integrated Technology, Rochester, Minnesota

LiquidCool Solutions, Rochester, Minnesota

Pace Electronics, Rochester, Minnesota

Preventice, Inc., Rochester, Minnesota

Vision Solutions, Rochester, Minnesota

Xylo Technologies, Rochester, Minnesota

Riverside Electronics, Rushford, Minnesota

RiverBend Electronics, Rushford, Minnesota

Akana, Rochester, Minnesota

Metafile Information Systems, Rochester, Minnesota

Vacava, Rochester, Minnesota

Vision Solutions

The Economic committee will hold a series of industry Roundtables throughout the next year. The first roundtable was food and dairy on March 1, 2016. The second will cover manufacturing on May 31, 2016.