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Convention & Tourism

Communities in Southeastern Minnesota provide a unique and varied experience for tourists. Our region has a wealth of resources for outdoor and nature enthusiasts, including trout streams, caves, and hiking and biking trails. We offer unique shopping experiences such as antique stores and boutiques selling locally made crafts, as well as extensive dining options. We have a strong arts community including theaters, music venues, and museums. Many towns are home to long-standing annual festivals and fairs celebrating the resources and ethnic roots of our area. Southeastern Minnesota has a lot to offer area visitors!

Southeastern Minnesota is a destination on its own for tourists. In addition, a significant number of area visitors are here for medical treatment, providing an opportunity to promote our region’s attractions for current or future visits. It is estimated that the Mayo Clinic attracts 350,000 patients per year, and a recent study revealed that 34% of these patients and their families who traveled here for medical treatment would return to the area for recreation.

The Convention business is tangential to tourism, and provides another avenue for attracting visitors to our area. We have the resources to host the conventions themselves, and the surrounding amenities to make the region attractive.

Convention & Tourism

National Eagle Center, Wabasha, Minnesota

Pope and Young Club, Chatfield, Minnesota

Amish Tours, Harmony & Lanesboro, Minnesota

Niagara Cave, Harmony, Minnesota

Commonweal Theatre, Lanesboro, Minnesota

Root River Trail System, Fountain, Harmony, Houston, Lanesboro, Peterson, Preston, Rushford & Whalan, Minnesota

Spam Museum, Austin, Minnesota

Cannon Valley Trail

Mayo Civic Center, Rochester, Minnesota

Rochester Civic Theatre

Minnesota Childrens Museum - Rochester

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The Economic committee will hold a series of industry Roundtables throughout the next year. The first roundtable was food and dairy on March 1, 2016. The second will cover manufacturing on May 31, 2016.