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Familiarization Tour 2015

Familiarization Tour 2015

In September 2015, Journey to Growth and two of its Implementation partners hosted a regional familiarization tour through DEED for a national site selector from The Prager Company, Chicago. The Implementation partners included the Red Wing Port Authority and the Port Authority of Winona.

The two-day regional tour started in Red Wing, moving to Winona and finally Rochester. While here the consultant, Mr. Prager toured area businesses and met with regional business leaders.

The group hosted a Regional Reception that included not only the Implementation partners and Journey to Growth representatives but also several regional businesses including Harmony Enterprises, Inc.,Bowman Tool & Machining, AcenTek, IBM and WinCraft.

A great deal of pre-planning went into this event.The itinerary was prepared in advance as was a comprehensive regional business and economic report.This information was formatted and placed on an iPad that was provided to Mr. Prager upon his arrival as a gift.

The FAM Tour ended with a debriefing where Mr. Prager was asked to share his thoughts and impressions. A subcommittee of the J2G Economic Journey Committee then met to review his comments and to discuss what went well and what we could do better in the future.

Overall the FAM tour was a success because:

  • 1. Regional cooperation was demonstrated
  • 2. No hard sell was made.
  • 3. Pre-planning with DEED and Mr. Prager paid off.
  • 4. Superior cooperation between economic development organizations and area businesses.
  • 5. Use of iPad was effective.