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Diversity & Inclusion Journey Committee

Objective: Become a More Inclusive Region

Strategies to build awareness of important local programs and agencies, develop additional capacity and connections, and better embed discussions of inclusive diversity in community dialogues are necessary to fully embrace and capitalize on our region’s unique mix of races, ethnicities, cultures, faiths, and lifestyles.


  1. Increase awareness and utilization of existing diversity resources
  2. Formalize dialogue and outreach to foster greater community inclusion
  3. Assess the need to create community centers with on-site services that meet the needs of specific ethnic and cultural constituencies

Barbara Jordan
Rebeca Sedarski
Board Liaison:
Melissa Brinkman

What we are working on:

The We Are More (WAM) traveling exhibition is an exciting new touring photography exhibit showcasing, celebrating, and creating conversations ...

Intercultural Community Designation

Diversity Resources Inventory Portal