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Regional Transportation Priorities

Regional Transportation Priorities

The objective of the J2G Transportation & Communications Committee to pursue priority transportation and communication enhancements in our region and to advocate for stable, predictable transportation funding. The committee has dedicated a great deal of time to information gathering and surveying the needs of southeastern Minnesota counties. Specifically, the Transportation & Communications Committee will immediately focus on the following identified regional priorities (not ranked in order of importance):

  1. Completion of Highway 14 Improvements
  2. Maximize capacity of the Rochester International Airport
  3. Bridge Bonding Funds Legislative Appropriation
  4. US Highway 52 Safety/Surface Improvements Between Chatfield and Harmony
  5. Regional Transit Service Growth and Transit Funding Increases

The Transportation & Communications Committee will advocate for the identified regional priorities and pursue funding and legislative support as needed. The committee pledges to work within the scope and mission of the Journey to Growth plan. In support of the identified regional priorities, the transportation & Communications committee will likely implement the following strategies:

  1. Engage J2G Governing Committee to;
    • Secure local business and government support
    • Secure area legislative support
    • Secure passage of legislation that provides needed financial resource
  2. Engage J2G Marketing Committee to;
    • Educate the region on transportation priorities
    • Raise public awareness of regional transportation assets
  3.  Align with organizations working towards identified transportation priorities to;
    • Ensure efficiency and eliminate duplicate efforts
    • Strengthen the cohesive voice of the region