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Southeast Minnesota Capital Fund

Southeast Minnesota is home to a number of new companies each year, especially in the medical and technology fields.

On August 15th, 2017, the Entrepreneurship Committee leadership announced the launch of the Southeast Minnesota Capital Fund.

The purpose of the Southeast Minnesota Angel Fund is to invest start-up capital in companies, primarily from the southeast region, with the potential to deliver significant investment returns.

“Angel investors are typically one of the first sources of funding for innovative startups. And these startups may be tomorrow’s large employers of the region. There are numerous angel funds in the metro area but this is the first one here,” said Xavier Frigola of RAEDI and Secretary/Treasurer of the Fund.

The Fund accepts investors with a minimum contribution of $25,000. The term is ten years (5 years to invest and 5 years to exit investments).

The Fund is managed by 10 investor-managers elected by all of the investors.

Qualified investors can not only see a return of up to 10% return and potential tax credits, but will be on the ground floor directly supporting new business growth and economic diversity of the southeast Minnesota region.

For more information on the Southeast Minnesota Capital Fund contact Xavier Frigola at .