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Regional Journey Committee

Objective: Foster Dialogue to Forge a Shared Regional Identity and Explore Benefits and Alternatives for Comprehensive Regional Planning & Development

Many flourishing towns, townships and counties comprise Southeastern Minnesota. Together, these entities form a strong region with great economic promise. The Regional Journey Committee will drive initiatives that further support increased cohesiveness and connectedness, ultimately benefiting each entity.


  1. Host a series of facilitated discussion forms to develop a Regional Compact for Southeastern Minnesota (Region 10)
  2. Explore options for increasing the role of Southeastern Minnesota League of Municipalities
  3. Program and host an annual Southeastern Minnesota Regional Summit
  4. Design a component of the external marketing campaign (from the Marketing Journey Committee) to focus on the internal regional audience
  5. Leverage the Regional Compact as a starting point for discussions on comprehensive planning and development in Southeastern Minnesota
  6. Advance high-value strategies for regional collaboration based on the final report of the Working Group

Gwen Stevens
Dan Christianson
Board Liaison:
Mary Blair Hoeft

What we are working on:

The Regional Community Video project is collaboration between Journey to Growth (J2G) and SE MN Together.