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Transportation & Communications Journey Committee

Objective: Pursue Priority Transportation and Communication Enhancements

Efficient transportation and communication systems provide both economic and social opportunities. For example, improved transportation leads to better accessibility to employment and increased business traffic. Improved communication and internet connectivity is an enabling technology that is essential to small business growth and successful educational programs.


  1. Maximize the capacity of Rochester International Airport (RIA/RST) to serve as a gateway to the region
  2. Pursue regional transit service for high-volume weekday commuting periods
  3. Develop a plan to provide broadband connectivity to all Southeast Minnesota businesses and residents
  4. Support the Highway-14 Partnership’s efforts to convert the two-lane highway to four lanes between Rochester and New Ulm

Dan Coyle
John Reed
Board Liaison: Natalie Siderius

What We Are Working On:

The objective of the J2G Transportation & Communications Committee to pursue priority transportation and communication enhancements in our region and to advocate for stable, predictable transportation funding. The committee has dedicated a great deal of time to information gathering and surveying the needs of southeastern Minnesota counties.

Journey to Growth is a proud supporter of the Rochester International Airport’s Fly Local Program. Air service in our region enhances the quality of the customer experience, supports our Southeastern Minnesota communities and propels our regional economy to new heights. We are fortunate to have an international airport in our region.

In a time of budget surplus, low unemployment, and sustained economic growth, we the undersigned implore the State of Minnesota to invest some of its current good fortune in the future economic growth of Southern Minnesota.