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Workforce Journey Committee

Objective: Enhance and Align Career-Focused Education

Employers are best able to contribute to the development of a strong economy when they can find the quality workers they need to help make their businesses competitive. The Workforce Journey Committee will work to enhance and align career-focused education for our region’s talent base. Linking well-prepared talent to available occupations has the dual benefit of sustaining local employers and retaining the best and brightest workers in the community.


1) Conduct a regional workforce gap analysis based on our region’s target business sectors
2) Continue to expand business-community engagement with the education and training system
3) Provide career and technical education options to all eligible regional students
4) Enhance GRAUC’s capacity to inform and promote higher educational program development
5) Effectively integrate adult education, retraining, and upskilling programs into workforce-pipeline discussions and development

Jessica Ihrke
Aaron Benike
Board Liaison:
Chris Giesen

What we are working on:

Support the J2G endorsed CTECH initiative

Develop and define A.I.M.